Jobs such as:

  • Geological Survey Field Assistant
  • Geological Survey Office Assistant
  • GIS Technician

Duties may include:

  • Sampling, data recording, mineral and rock identification, "navigating" with the geologist using a compass and GPS
  • Plotting information on topographic maps and rock sample preparation.
  • You may also assist in the interpretation of geophysical logs, the identification and correlation of standard formation tops and other stratigraphic marker beds, and the construction of regional cross-sections to assist in stratigraphic correlation
  • Assisting with canoes and small boats, loading and traveling in small aircraft operating from lakes, building camps, and doing general bush chores (including cooking)

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Basic knowledge of common types of geophysical and geological surveys, stratigraphy, sedimentary petrology and log interpretation (Field Assistants)
  • Driver's license, good health, and ability to swim (Field Assistants)
  • Self-motivated, interpersonal skills, and ability to work cooperatively and communicate effectively with others
  • Familiarity with computers and software, including Microsoft Office, ArcView, GPS, compasses

Preferred Field of Study:

  • Geology
  • Geography
  • Geographic Information Systems


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